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WMC Swiss Events

WMC Swiss takes great pride in organizing events on a yearly basis. These happen regularly at almost the same time of the year. Some of it are looked forward with so much anticipation that the members await eagerly for the next annual event to see what is in store.

These are the main recurring events but in essence there are more events. 

What better way than to start the summer with a lovely grill, savoured with mouth watering dishes stacked with steaks, fish and much more. No event is complete without having a touch of the typical Malayalee dishes which are cooked with painstaking efforts from all members.

WMC Swiss KudumbMela | 27-29 Sept 2024

WMC Swiss encourages families to interconnect and as the name signifies Kudumb-(Family) Mela (Festival), we love to take the time out from our busy schedules and spend times with our families. Each family comes together for the KudumbMela in some resort to enjoy the serene nature and connect with other families. After all WMC is one big family and connecting families is what we strive for. A fully packed 2 day event enjoyed by all - young and old alike.

WMC Swiss Kerala Piravi | 2 Nov 2024

Kerala Piravi - the birth of this state of India, Kerala. What better way to honour our motherland by coming together and having an extravaganza event. Conducted in conjunction with the birth of our state, Kerala, the Kerala Piravi event in November is a fun filled event that has been receiving accolades over the years. All children participate enthusiastically to perform in one of the finest stage acts in Switzerland, that has received wide acclaim from many attendees. A lot of honoured guests attending the event stay awe struck and return back with memories that they cherish for a very long time.

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