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Kerala Piravi 2023

The 2023 Kerala Piravi was held on November 4th 2023 at the SportsHalle in Rafz, Zurich, Switzerland.


Chief guests were Mr. Daniel Schenker, Director, Weltklasse Zurich and Swiss Parliamentarian, Mr. Nik Gugger.


Once again, the renowned motivational speaker from Kerala, Mr. Shamim Rafeek and a set of established entrepeneurs from Kerala were awarded global awards for their contribution to various industries of their expertise.

The guests included

  • Mr. Anish T.A., CEO, Tapco Buildware

  • Mr. Roy Thomas, Managing Director, Orange Printers & Mr. Sajith B.S., Executive Director, Orange Printers

  • Mr. Liju Nair, CVO, Wroom Business Conclaves & Mrs. Anju Liji, CAO, Business Conclaves, 

  • Mr. Tinsu Mathew, Director & CEO, El Sol Power Solutions & Mr. Libin Boban, Director & COO El Sol Power Solutions

Mr. Jobin Chittazhathu, Ex- Cofounder & CEO of Adresta AG, Switzerland also joined the panel discussion with the business awardees from Kerala.

This year, a lot of WMC Global leaders also attended the event and participated in various activities. Some of them were even awarded the traditional, "Ponnadda" for their contribution in various activities.

  • Mr. Thomas Mottackal, WMC Global President (from USA)

  • Dr. Thangam Arvind, WMC Global Vice President, US Region

  • Mr. Joshy Pannarakunnel, WMC Global Vice President, Europe Region

  • Mr. & Mrs. Zakir Hussain, WMC Middle East Business Forum Chairman, UAE

  • Mr. & Mrs. Blesson Mannil, WMC Florida President

  • Mr. Sunny Veliyath, WMC Global Secretary (from Austria)

  • Ms. Ancy Joy, WMC Global Joint Secretary (from Ireland)

  • Dr. Shibu Samuel, WMC Global Joint Treasurer (from USA)

  • Ms. Reshma Reji, WMC Global Youth Forum President, UAE Region

  • Ms. Sheela Reji, WMC Global Women’s Forum Secretary, UAE Region

  • Mr. Hari Namboothiri, WMC Global Cultural Forum Chairman (from USA)

  • Mr. Wilson Chattamkandam, WMC Global Vice Chairman, European Region (from Switzerland)

  • Ms. Dollins Korattikattutharayil, WMC Women’s Forum President, European Region (from Switzerland)

The WMC Global Cultural Forum Chairman, Mr. Hari Namboothiri also presented awards in the humanitarian category to 

  • Ms. Jayasree Gopalakrishnan, Deepam Foundation

  • Dr. Lathika & Dr. Gayathri, Ayur Village Retreat


Exquisite South Indian delicacies were served by WMC Swiss's own chef, Jimmy Korattikattutharayil. The food was enjoyed by everyone.

A mesmerising set of dances performed by various children, teenagers and youth of the WMC family, choreographed by Rose Mary was a delight and marvel to everyone.

The renowned music director, Gopi Sundar and his band, Gopi Sundar Ensemble performed several songs that captivated the hearts of many. Songs sung by Bharat Sajikumar and Punnya Pradeep entertained all the attendees. The instrumentalists and sound and light engineers, Dijo Jose, Vishnu Shivan, kept the entire audience dancing to all great numbers.

Indeed a very entertaining evening for all. Everybody left fully satisfied.


The detailed program of the evening is available at Kerala Piravi 2023


Videos of the event will be shortly available on our YouTube Channel

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